Tree Services & Trimming in Fort Worth, TX

Professional Tree Trimming

Call our experts at 682-228-0772 for a hassle-free tree trimming and removal service.

At Tree Spark, our tree trimming services are second to none. Our tree trimming experts can prune your trees to offer maximum sunlight benefits and branch uniformity for an appealing, eye catching look. Proper trimming can promote good photosynthesis, leading to green, healthy, strong trees in your yard. We can also assist with all of your tree removal, growth, and health needs. Our professionals are experienced in every facet of tree service and can complete any tasks you need quickly and safely.  Whether you need tree trimming services, tree removal assistance, help to diagnose a tree disease, or guidance in deciding the best tree choice for your home, our professionals have you covered. If you’re in the Fort Worth, TX area and need tree trimming or other tree services, call our experts at (817) 717-7737 to schedule your consultation today.

Tree Trimming and Removal Services

Our extensive tree removal services provide assistance in any situation. Our emergency service team will respond to your call quickly to safely remove and tree debris left by storms from your home, vehicle, or property with regard to dangers like power lines and wires. Our experts can also remove dead or diseased trees with minimal contact to the rest of your yard, preventing the spread of contagious tree sickness. When you need large areas cleared, our brush and tree clearing service will leave your land or lot brush, tree, and hazard free, increasing your accessibility, visibility, and safety. The environmentally friendly methods we use for tree removal such as mulching can help promote the healthy future growth of your vegetation by returning needed nutrients to your soil, protecting your topsoil, and retaining moisture. For your next tree removal, call (817) 717-7737 and let our experts handle the dirty work.

  • Dead Tree Removal Dead or rotten trees can be difficult to remove due to the rotted cores and easily breaking branches. Let our experts do the dirty work for you.
  • Tree Stump Grinding and Tree Stump Removal When you’re ready to get rid of that stubborn tree stump that’s been causing lawnmower problems for years, our experts can remove it safely and completely.
  • Tree Mulching Recycle your unwanted trees into a healthy pure wood mulch to help minimize soil erosion and retain moisture for your plant and tree life.

Tree Health and Growth

Tree Growth

Healthy tree growth starts early. Let our experts help!

Our expert growth and health services can help maximize the life, health, and growth of your trees and plant life. Every task in tree care is important to the strength and durability of your trees. Healthy trees can increase your home’s value by curb appeal and can withstand high amounts of wind and rain to help minimize damages. Our professional specialists can help guide you on every decision for your trees, from fertilizer selection and tree trimming services to more. Our experts can also test your trees and soil, giving you a comprehensive look at exactly what’s in your soil and what your vegetation could use more of. When you need tree growth and health services or aesthetic tree trimming in Fort Worth, TX, look no further than the professionals at Tree Spark. Call our experts today at (817) 717-7737 and learn how healthy tree growth can benefit your entire yard.

  • Tree Fertilization Get maximum growth and health of your trees and plant life with our expert tree and soil testing and fertilization services.
  • Tree Trimming Service Tree trimming is essential to the growth of your tree. Our skilled experts can remove your dead, diseased, or brittle limbs, leaving unlimited room for new growth.
  • Tree Cabling & Tree Bracing When your trees are particularly brittle from damage, disease, or age, our experts can help brace them for continued long life with bracing or cabling techniques.

Our tree specialists can help you accomplish the space of your dreams with our customized planning and removal services. With our professionals, you never have to worry about further damage or safety issues because our knowledgeable staff is trained and insured to keep you out of harm’s way. Get the tree service you need at the price you want with the experts at Tree Spark. Call us today at (817) 717-7737.

Tree Fertilization

With so many different types, make-ups, and styles of plant fertilizer to choose from, it can be difficult to know exactly which one will have the greatest benefit to your plant and tree life. Our experts will perform comprehensive soil and tree tests to discover exactly what is in and what is missing from your soil. We will discuss your treatment options and choices, explaining each product and its benefits, and work with you to create a customized fertilization plan to renourish and re-energize your soil, plants, and trees.