Tree Disease Diagnosis, Help, And Recovery

Diseased Tree

Our dedicated specialists will help heal your diseased tree for a long, fruitful life.

Tree diseases in Fort Worth, TX can slow your trees’ growth, give it an unhealthy or dead appearance, and spread to other foliage in your yard. If you think your trees may be victims of tree disease, call our professionals now at (817) 717-7737 to stop tree disease in its tracks and get your trees back to healthy growth and production.

Signs of Typical Tree Diseases

Your trees should be checked regularly to monitor growth, color, and flower production rates which could all be indicators of tree disease. A fluctuation in these key factors could mean a sick or unhealthy tree. Signs that your tree could have a more serious underlying problem include spots, drying, or even color change. If you have noticed any of these signs, call us to find out if your trees are at risk for disease.

Fire Blight

This disease is a fungal infection of the tree caused by the bacteria Erwinia Aamylovora. This disease can affect almost every part of the tree, including leaves, branches, and leaf stems, and creates a shriveled, burnt look on the plant. This disease is completely treatable with the correct fungicide.


The loss of leaves can be detrimental to a tree since this is the main player in photosynthesis. The loss of leaves on your tree could be caused by many bacteria and fungi including Verticillium. Our professionals can identify the cause of your defoliation and offer treatment ideas to help save your tree.

Tree Disease

Yellow, Dull Leaves

Yellowing leaves on your trees is a good indicator that they may be experiencing root rot. Generally, root rot stems from over watering too often which causes the soil to stay damp and become a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. Sometimes, professional treatment of your trees can clear the root rot, but in many cases, the tree will die within a few years.

If you have noticed these or other telltale signs that your trees are suffering, call our experts today for professional diagnosis of the tree disease and treatment plan to prevent the death of your trees. Call our specialists today at (817) 717-7737 to schedule your evaluation for tree diseases in Fort Worth, TX.