Tree Mulching

Other than complete tree removal, mulching can have great benefits to your land. Using mulching as your tree removal technique provides nutrients and protection to your land, as well as retaining much-needed moisture to promote growth and health. For the most return on your money, try tree mulching in Fort Worth, TX. Call us now at (817) 717-7737 to set up your appointment tree removal by mulching.

The Many Benefits of Mulching


Tree mulching is a fast, convenient way to remove a tree and revitalize your foliage in one step.

Mulching is a fast, reliable way to completely remove a tree from your land including all branches, limbs, and even the stump. Techniques other than mulching, such as burning, thrashing, or chemical removal can leave debris to be removed which costs an extra fee in most circumstances. It’s also a great way to get natural, organic mulch for your landscaping use. Fresh mulch can have a multitude of benefits to your yard if applied correctly. Mulch provides important nutrients to your foliage as it decomposes, promoting growth and health for all of your plants. It can also be a strong topsoil protector in heavy rain, preventing your soil from washing away or eroding over time. Mulch is also the perfect material for walkways and paths through flower beds and lawns because it prevents weed growth. As a natural moisture absorber, the wood can actually retain the moisture from rain and dew, allowing moisture to stay on your topsoil. Some types of tree mulch, such as cedar, can help prevent insects with a natural fragrance that repels spiders, beetles, and other bugs that like to feast on your foliage.

Our experts will evaluate your tree and discuss the process of your excavation and removal before we begin. We will also discuss whether you would like to keep your mulched wood, how much you would like to keep, and where you would like it to go. Any unused portions will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. To schedule your next tree removal by mulching in Fort Worth, TX, call (817) 717-7737 to speak with a consultant today.