Tree Health in Fort Worth, TX

Tree Growth

Let our experts help you create a plan to maximize the beauty and growth of your trees.

Your tree’s health is important to the way your yard looks and grows. Our experts work with our clients to devise a personalized plan for healthy tree growth in Fort Worth, TX. We can work with any budget to provide healthy trees as a cornerstone for your lawn, lot, or land. When you are looking for complete tree care, call our experts at (817) 717-7737.

Our experts will evaluate your lawn and trees, and discuss your treatment plan options which could include fertilization, bracing or cabling, disease tree recovery or removal,  and even tree mulching. We can guide you through each process, explaining details about product application, projected timelines, and costs to ensure you get the service and outcome you are looking for. Through our guided tree planning and planting service, our specialists will help you find the ideal tree type for your home and correctly plant them for you to promote maximum growth.

We can also diagnose your sick, unhealthy trees and create a recovery or removal plan to help minimize the spreading of the disease to your other plant life. Our tree fertilization services create a customized fertilization regimen for your trees through soil testing and tree inspection, which defines what your soil lacks. Therefore, your trees are always getting exactly what they need.

Tree Health

Our established tree services provide protection and reinforcement to your more established foliage. Our expert tree pruning services not only remove weak, brittle branches and limbs from your tree to promote new growth but also lets sunlight through to the grass and greenery below allowing maximum growth throughout your yard. When your trees have developed weak or brittle spots, our tree cabling and bracing services can help reinforce your tree’s weak sections, protecting it from heavy winds and rain until proper rehabilitation can take place.

  • Tree Cabling and Tree Bracing Learn how these reinforcement techniques can help keep your brittle trees from cracking or breaking.
  • Tree Pruning Service Professionally pruned trees can not only add beauty to your home but also maximize undergrowth and prevent breakage.

The professionals at Tree Spark know how important your yard is to you. We promote tree growth in Fort Worth, TX with natural, safe techniques to benefit your yard and maximize your tree growth. For your customized tree growth plan in Fort Worth, TX, call us today at (817) 717-7737.