Dead Tree Removal

Dead Tree

Dead trees can cause multiple problems. Call our experts to get yours removed today.

A dead tree in your yard can be more than an eyesore. Besides lowering the curb appeal of your home, they can be hosts to multiple contagious tree diseases, bugs, and dangers. A dead tree can be a severe fire hazard. Lightning, power lines and grills have all been known to ignite dead trees, and the dead wood burns quickly and completely unless put out immediately. These trees can also cause safety hazards during storms and severe winds because of their ease of detachment. Dead tree limbs fall almost four times as often as live limbs, potentially causing thousands of dollars in roof, home, and car damage each year.  Bark beetles love to make their home in dead wood and can take over your lawn in a matter of months. To prevent the infestation of bark beetles on your property, get rid of any dead wood or trees they can use for their home. Dead wood can cause many more problems than simply looking bad. When you have a dead tree in Fort Worth, TX that you need removing, call our experts at (817) 717-7737.

Why Use a Professional

Large trees, even when dead, can be heavy and very deeply rooted. Because of this, when you are removing a large tree, it’s a good idea to rely on a professional. Use specialized equipment, our trained experts can completely remove your tree from the ground. They are also skilled at bracing limbs to ensure you don’t receive damage to your home or power lines. Our insured professionals can complete your project without harming the surrounding plant life and will even dispose of your tree for you. Our experts can complete your project without harming your surrounding vegetation, and as an added convenience, will dispose of your old tree for you. Our professionals will also plant your replacement tree or refill any area that the old stump may leave.

In many cases, tree removal requires special skills to dodge power lines, homes, and cars. Our experts have the skills and special equipment needed to make your tree removal simple and quick, causing minimal interruption to your home and yard. To remove your yard’s dead tree in Fort Worth, TX, call our professionals today at (817) 717-7737.