4 Common Diseases You Will See in Trees

Just like any living thing, trees are also susceptible to diseases. There are many types of tree diseases, which can cause growth in one part of a tree or in the entire tree. Because trees so much for us in terms of shade, clean air, and adding value to our homes, it’s important to know what your tree has a disease and how to prevent it from getting worse. Below are some of the 5 most common diseases you will see in trees.


4 Common Diseases You Will See in Trees

The Most Common Tree Diseases.

Fruits, flowers, leaves, and twigs can produce the fungi Anthracnose. Depending on what type of tree/plant you have, but the most common symptom of Anthracnose is having nonuniform areas that are dead or patches on the leaves.

Oak Wilt

This type of disease affects oak trees in two types of ways. The first way is when two different trees branches connect underground in the soil and the other way is through beetles that feed on sap. There are different kinds of oak trees but the one symptom they will all have in common if they have oak wilt is leak drop.

Thousand Cankers Disease

Thousand cankers disease is a tree disease that affects walnut trees. They are infected with this type of disease when a walnut twig beetle carries the fungus to the tree, which will then grow very rapidly.

Apple Scab

This is a type of leaf disease that attacks crabapple trees. The crabapple trees that are affected with this disease will get scab like trauma on the leaves which will cause premature defoliation.

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