What Are the Most Dangerous Things in a Home?

Rolled Up Extension Cord.

Extension Cords Are Not a Permanent Solution, and Can Endanger Home Safety.

Common sense can serve to address many in-home dangers. For example, everyone knows that certain cleaning chemicals are dangerous, and that you should never leave a candle unattended. If you own guns, keep them locked in a safe, and cover your electrical outlets if you need a childproof house. Aside from the obvious, however, homes contain a host of more insidious dangers. These are actually even more capable of harm, since most people will overlook them. For improved home safety in Fort Worth, TX, or anywhere, make sure you attend to a selection of common hazards.

Impediments to Home Safety

In order to protect both yourself and your household, you should attend to certain dangers that fly under the radar. If any of these threats exist in your home, do not delay correction. If you need help, make sure to hire a relevant professional.

  • Extension Cords: Extension cords are not a permanent solution. Most people do not realize that they wear out through extended use, and can cause home fires.
  • Clothes Dryer: Another hazard for home fires exists with your clothes dryer. If you do not keep the lint trap clean, you put your home and family at risk.
  • Pressed Wood and Carpet: Pressed wood contains formaldehyde, which has been linked to cancer in animals. Carpet contains glue and dyes that can emit harmful substances.
  • Lead Paint: If your home was built before 1978, it can still contain lead paint.
  • Space Heaters: Space heaters cause more than 25,000 house fires a year.
  • Furnace: Furnaces, and especially gas furnaces, that suffer from neglect become major hazards for both fires and carbon monoxide poisoning.

A homeowner can correct some of these problems on their own. Others, however, will require professional help. If you suspect the presence of lead paint, for example, you will want a professional to test your home and pursue remediation. Electrical issues are also best handled by professionals, and Tree Spark provides a convenient local source for this service. Instead of running extension cords everywhere, let our Fort Worth, TX electricians install additional outlets around your home. Furnaces present a final safety hazard that only a pro should address. To ensure that yours can operate safely, contact a trusted Fort Worth, TX heating company for annual inspections.