Is Your Tree Stressed Out?

tree stress

Are Your Trees Stressed Out?

When it comes to our children, pets, and other family members, it can be fairly easy for us to tell when someone isn’t feeling too well. However, when it comes to our plants and our trees, we need to watch carefully for subtle signs of distress. Today¬† we will discuss several ways you can spot stress or sickness on your trees.

Splits Or Cracks

If you notice split or cracks on the truck of your tree, those usually come from environmental changes, such as storms. If they cracks are small, you don’t have anything to worry about. If they cover large parts of the trunk or branches, however, removal may be the answer.

Yellowing Leaves

?If your tree’s leaves are yellowing out of season, this can be an indication of root rot. Caught early on, our team may be able to stop it, but often it can kill a tree within a few years.


If you tree gradually leans as it grows, that is generally fine. However, if your tree suddenly leans one day, it needs to be removed or stabilized before it falls!

Fungus Or Mushroom Growth

Not all mushrooms and fungus are bad, but they can indicate a significant amount of moisture in the ground. Our experts can help you differentiate good fungus from bad fungus so that you can protect your tree!

No Leaves!

If your tree is bald in the spring, this can also be a clear indication that something isn’t right.

Spotted or Brown Leaves

If your leaves are covered in brown spots, particularly after a rainy season,you may be looking at a tree fungus!

Premature Leaf Falling

When the leaves start falling off of your tree long before they star falling off other trees, this is a strong indicator of stress that can be caused by a variety of things. However, our experts can help you determine the cause, as well as the ideal solution.