Should a Dead Tree Be Removed?

dead tree

Have Dead Trees Cleared

Trees add beauty to the landscape, especially our homes. They provide some level of protection and shelter along with shade, an important thing here in the Fort Worth, Texas area. But when one dies, it can affect the entire situation, making the landscape look bad and more. This is why proper dead tree removal is important.  

Is it necessary to hire a professional to remove a dead tree? 

Okay, you have a chainsaw and a few buddies, yes, you may be able to do a crude type of dead tree removal. But there is more than just cutting it down, cutting up the branches, and taking the cuts to a landfill (or in the firepit). 

There are many issues to be concerned with when working with dead tree removal. By hiring a certified professional arborist, they will have the experience and knowledge for proper dead tree removal, and they will have insurance to protect themselves and you. 

Are there any environmental concerns to consider before removing a dead tree? 

Well, that depends on where the dead is located.  A dead tree in a forest is essential to the health of the forest. The bacteria, fungi and other life forms that come from the decomposing dead wood return nutrients to the ecosystem and encourage new plant growth. 

However, around your home or where there is human activity, dead tree removal is a matter of safety. Annually in the United States, over 100 people are killed by falling dead trees. As soon as you discover you have a dead tree, removal should be considered by a professional, sooner than later. 

How much does it cost to remove a dead tree? 

There are several factors that are considered when pricing dead tree removal, starting with the size and type of tree. The location of the tree is a factor too. For instance, if it is partially hanging over your home or some other type of structure, the dead tree removal process is important.

dead tree in a field

What is the best time of year to remove a dead tree? 

If you hire a certified arborist, they’ll know the best time for tree trimming or dead tree removal. If you’re going to do this yourself, the best time of the year in Texas is in the fall just after the summer heat has subsided and before the buds bloom in the spring. However, removing broken, damaged, or dead tree limbs can be done year-round. 

What type of protective gear is recommended for dead tree removal?

Again, if you hire a certified arborist, they will have the proper dead tree removal equipment and any PPE (personal protective equipment) already on hand. If you’re going to do your own dead removal, you’ll need the following items: 

  • Safety helmet
  • Face shield
  • Gloves
  • Protective clothing
  • Safety glasses
  • Earmuffs
  • Work boots

What are the steps to safely removing a dead tree?

To safely perform dead tree removal, here are three basic steps you should follow:

1. First cut the low, small branches with a chainsaw.

2. Tying a rope around larger branches, start cutting the branches free at the base of where the rope is tied and lower them slowly to the ground.

3. Next, using the chainsaw, start chopping on the tree trunk in sections. 

What should I do with the wood from the dead tree? 

Many cities and communities have an area close to the edge of town where you can take the remnants of your dead tree removal project. Another option is to use it, give it away, or sell it for firewood. 

If you have a bunch of crooked, small, leftover limbs and scraps, let it dry before using and you’ll get a clean burn. If your dead tree removal is oak, you’ll need to let it dry for two years before it is useable. 

What should I do if the dead tree is too close to a power line?

The correct and safest thing to do for dead tree removal that is close to the power lines is to call the utility company. The tree and making any repairs to the power lines is the utility company’s responsibility, and this is safer for you! 

See Through the Forest! 

Dead tree removal can be dangerous if not done correctly, to you, your family, and your home. So, what is the best way to minimize damage to your property? Here are a few preventive measures that will keep your property safe, it’s all about tree maintenance: 

  • Prune and trim as needed
  • Watch for damaged trees and disease
  • Remove dead and weak trees

Trees are an integral enhancement to the landscape around your home. They add value to the property, and provide shade in the summer, which keeps your energy bills down and improves the air quality around your home. 

But doing your own dead tree removal isn’t the best solution. Calling a professional is always the best choice, especially the bigger the tree. Check the insurance and credentials of any arborist you call and ask for references. Having dead tree removal done properly and safely is important. 

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