The Dangers of Tree Roots to Your Home

Extensive Root Growth and an Obliterated Brick Wall

Tree Roots Have a Way of Eventually Overcoming Any Obstacle That Blocks Their Growth.

Beneath the surface of your home is a powerful network of intertwining roots. Unfortunately, tree roots and damage go hand in hand when it comes to your property. It takes careful planning and continued maintenance to keep this elemental force in check. Today, we’ll talk about the basics of property damage caused by encroaching roots, with additional tips for protecting your home. When we’re finished, you will fully appreciate the trauma that roots can inflict, and you’ll have the groundwork for planning your tree root removal.

Tree Root Damage to Property

Don’t worry! Your tree isn’t going to spring up overnight and tear down your home’s walls. That being said, tree roots will inflict a great deal of damage if they aren’t properly managed. We’ve all seen roots bursting through the sidewalk, defying our community engineering. Given their unseen nature, it can be difficult to study root growth effectively. This is why most people rely on trained professionals to handle their root problems.

Will Tree Roots Damage My House?

Tree Root Bisecting a Home's Driveway

Most Tree Roots Grow Close to the Surface. This Can be a Serious Problem for Concrete Driveways.

Think of roots as a product of cause and effect. If a tree is well watered, the roots won’t expand as far. If the tree lacks a consistent source of moisture and it’s located next to a man-made water source, it will move to access the lucrative resource. If you keep this in mind, you can avoid the vast majority of root trauma.

How far do tree roots go?

On average, tree roots will extend outward around one and a half times the height of the tree. In other words, if a tree grows to be 20 feet, it’s roots will likely grow up to 30 feet away from the base. This is a just rule of thumb, not a natural law. Some types of trees may have longer roots, and others shorter. If you need to know additional details for a specific type of tree (say, as part of your property planning), ask a tree care expert.

Foundation Issues

Foundation Damage

Believe it or not, tree roots aren’t out to get your foundation. Instead, the underground growth is attracted to water, which it needs to fuel the trees continued growth. That’s why you’ll see all sorts of plumbing repair services in Texas taking pictures of root-clogged sewer or main water lines. Just try googling it!

Tree roots may not be a direct threat against your foundation, but they can cause some long term conditions that lead to damage. By consuming the moisture in the surrounding earth, roots destabilize the ground and can cause a pressure imbalance next to your foundation. If there are cracks already present in the foundation slab, roots might try to angle into the rock.

The most serious threat the tree roots pose to your home is the plumbing system running through the foundation. Slab leaks here may attract tree roots, which further displaces soil. If the roots grow far enough, they could severely damage your plumbing.

How to Get Rid of Tree Roots Under House

  • Plant trees further away from the house.
  • Place shrubs and bushes with smaller water consumption.
  • Install root barriers to block certain paths underground.
  • Prune some of the most dangerous roots (or ask a tree root removal service).


Tree Root Damage to Driveways

Your driveway is also vulnerable (perhaps more so) against root growth. This is made worse by the fact that most tree roots stay relatively close to the surface. As roots press against the concrete or asphalt, it can cause unsightly bumps that turn into cracks. Dealing with this situation quickly is the only way to prevent extensive damage. Thankfully, the options you have to protect your foundation are the same for driveway safety.

  • Plant trees farther away to begin with,
  • Install a barrier,
  • Trim roofs leading towards your driveway, or
  • Remove the tree and roots altogether.


Will Tree Roots Damage My Pool?

Remember, tree roots are attracted to water. If a tree is located to close to a pool installation, the roots can push against the wall and liner, damaging the system. They may also go after the underground pipes. Besides, you don’t want leaves or tree product falling into the pull for your to clean up.

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