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Dead Tree Removal

Fallen tree in the desert, Arches National Park, Utah, USA

Learn More About Dead Tree Removal

Your property’s landscaping will need to be checked from time to time as the seasons pass. Different conditions can set in and sometimes conditions can be dire to where trees rot and dead tree removal becomes necessary. It’s important to have a professional tree service company step in with cases where you’re unsure as to the condition of your tree. Dead tree removal in general should be done in a timely manner in order for surrounding trees and property not to become contaminated. Before you reach out to a professional, here is some general information regarding dead tree removal that may be useful to you.

Are dead trees dangerous?

Dead trees can become dangerous as time passes by since branches as well as the overall structure can become brittle and prone to breaking. Once they start to decompose and rot sets in branches can start to fall off. If anyone or any structures are nearby they can become harmed or damaged from impact.

Do dead trees attract bugs?

Dead trees attract bugs as many will seek out wood as boroughs to live in or consume. Such bugs can include carpenter ants and termites as well as other wood boring insects. These types of pests will be quick to multiply which means that surrounding trees as well as your property can be in danger of being further infested.

Can you revive a dead tree?

Although it’s possible to revive sick or dying trees it’s impossible to bring a dead tree back to life. In the latter case, dead tree removal is recommended. There are ways to determine the condition of your tree with the help of a professional or with some tests that you can conduct yourself

Is my dead tree dead or dormant?

A good way to tell if your tree is dead or dormant is to test its strength. With dormant wood you’ll have twigs be pliable and split enough to reveal moistened growth inside. You can also conduct a scratch test. By scratching the bark of a twig with either a knife or fingernail you can reveal growth underneath the bark. With green growth underneath it’s dormant, with brown wood underneath it’s dead.

How long until a dead tree falls?

A dead tree can fall anywhere from 1-2 year depending on the soil and the moisture content of the soil. If the tree is disturbed often however it can fall down more quickly.

Path from the spits of a tree, background

What do you do with dead trees? 

Consider These Upcycling Methods

  • Create Woodchips, Mulch & Firewood
  • Make Furniture With it
  • Have it Become a Wildlife Nesting Site
  • Turn it into Lumber for Home Projects
  • Create Landscaping Design (Carving, Fencing, Painting)
  • Create Tree Cookies for a Pathway/Walkway

Will the city remove a dead tree?

Typically, the city where you live will typically not have special rules for removing trees on a property be they hazardous trees or dying. Therefore it’s expected that the process of dead tree removal be conducted by the owner of the property. Some states, however, may have different laws as seen withTexas where the state law allows for city officials to deal with trees that can become a nuisance to other trees. The city can thereby remove trees even if the tree is on public or private property or even if they belong to a resident and not the city.

Do I have to remove a dead tree?

Dead tree removal doesn’t have to be done by you personally, there are many avenues to take and perhaps the best can be to rely on a professional tree service. As it is, dead tree removal is best done sooner than later as the longer it stands there the more problems can arise ranging from fallen tree limbs to pest infestation on other trees.

How much does dead tree removal cost?

Professional dead tree removal can range in price depending on the size of the tree. With trees up to 30 feet tall you’re looking at a cost of $100-$300, between 30-60 feet it’s around $300-$700, between 60-80 feet it’s $700-$1,100 and over 80 feet tall it’s around $1,100-$1,800.

Does homeowners insurance cover dead tree removal?

Unless the tree fell on the garage, fence or other parts of the home which have incurred damages, dead tree removal is typically not covered by homeowners insurance. When a tree falls from inclement weather than it will be covered, as it is, homeowners insurance can cover up to $1,000 per storm as far as tree removal goes. Whatever the case it’s best to check on your policy or call your agent for detail on what can be done in case something happens in the future.

Contact Our Your Local Tree Services For Assistance

If you need help with dead tree removal make sure to employ the services of a professional tree service company for assistance. They will be able to properly diagnose your tree’s condition and impart proper protocol with dead tree removal that won’t cause other damages your property. What’s more, your safety will be intact since tree removal can be a tricky thing to do. Make sure your property’s trees are up to date with maintenance and healthy so other issues won’t spring up across time. Get dead tree removal today and have your landscape cleared of the problems that come with dead trees.

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