Are Your Trees Drowning?

Most of us know that the trees and other plants in our yard need water in order to survive. However, did you know that a tree can get too much water? In fact, trees need to have oxygen to be able to live.

How do you know if your trees are getting too much water?

Healthy Tree

Make sure your tree is healthy and not being over watered.

The Roots
Tree roots need to be able to breath. If the ground is constantly wet, the oxygen can’t go down to the roots of the plant. It’s important to feel the ground occasionally to check if it’s staying wet or water is pooling. Roots that sit in water for a prolonged time can actually rot.

Abnormal Leaves
When trees get too much water, the leaves will begin to show it in several ways. The tree leaves that retain too much water might blister. If the leaves turn brown around the edges or the entire leaf, it can be either a sign of too much water or not enough water. However, the leaves with too much water will generally be fragile and soft; leaves with not enough water are dry and hard.

Loss of Leaves
If tree leaves fall before they should or the growth seems stunted, the roots might be over saturated and not getting enough air. The ground should be wet if this is the cause.

Remember, your trees still need water, just maybe not so much. A mature tree should be able to handle different amounts of water better than a newer one. So, give extra care to newer ones.

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