Signs You Need Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming

To Enjoy the Benefits of Trees on Your Property, Take Care of them with Regular Trimming.

Whether for aesthetic or safety reasons, tree trimming represents a necessary component of the upkeep of your property. If limbs become diseased or too large, you risk them falling on your property or family members. At the same time, well-trimmed trees are generally healthier. To know whether your trees need a trim, pay attention for the following.

Uncontrolled Growth

A tree that grows too large becomes more difficult to prune. Because of this, you want to maintain consistency in your tree trimming efforts. Additionally, large trees that have not received the benefits of regular maintenance can become damaged or killed through the removal of a great deal of growth all at once.

Signs of Disease

A tree that displays signs of disease in its leaves or other areas will need immediate trimming. A good trim can prevent disease from spreading throughout a tree. Diseased trees will most often display discoloration, signs of fungi, or premature loss across their leaves. Stay attentive to this, and you can extend the life of your property’s trees.

Storm Damage

Trees damaged through storms can harbor limbs that persist at perilous points. A broken limb that has not fallen remains a constant threat to your property, one that you should deal with promptly. As a general rule of thumb, if you have large trees on your property, schedule a professional inspection after every major weather event.

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